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  • Humans

    h2. Humans Humans are the most populace and diverse peoples of the [[Four Lands]] and [[Shannara]]. Their cultures and people range from the proudly fierce [[The Highlands | Highlanders]] to the single-minded war machine of [[The Federation]].

  • The Highlands

    h2. The Highlands The Highland region is located to the south of [[Rainbow Lake]]. The Highlands are home to the fiercely independent and proud Highland people, of whom most are primarily [[Humans]]. The capital city of the Highlands is Leah, …

  • The Federation

    h2. The Federation A powerful group, the Federation has waged war now for many years against the [[Free-born]]. Expanding their control and seizing power in the [[Four Lands]], their shadow has grown across [[Shannara]]. [[The Highlands]] have …