The Elves

Most elves live in the city Arborlon, proud of the long line of Elessedil kings that have presided over them, and the line of Shannara kings that came before. Arborlon is widely considered the home of the elves in the Four Lands, though many through the years have chosen to become wanderers, and thus there are elves, and mixed elven blood all over.

The elves are as one would imagine; long lived, and prone to taking long times to make decisions in their lives as a result. The older among the elves are often seen as ‘stuffy’ and ‘immovable’ by the rest of the Freeborn Nations, who mistake their natures as bull-headed.

The War on the Prekkendoran is a sore spot in their side, as many young, rash elven lives have been swallowed by the seemingly never ending war machine.


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