Warlock Lord

The Warlock Lord

The Warlock Lord was a rebel Druid. Once, his name was Brona, and he belonged to the First Council of the Druids, but, along with some other Druids, he became restless with the council and how long its tasks were taking, and began experimenting with magic.

Brona was brilliant and ambitious, but careless of his safety. He believed that the destruction of the Old World in the Great Wars showed that the old sciences had failed and that the Druids seemed determined to ignore these lessons. He believed magic offered a new approach and the books that taught it were older and more tried than those that taught science; in particular the Ildatch. Brona believed it would provide the answers he sought and he became determined to have them. Continual warnings to him and his followers from the other Druids about the dangers of magic lead to them breaking away from the Council and when they left, they took the Ildatch with them.

Brona used the Druid Sleep to extend his life, but did not realize the cost he had to pay for using the Sleep as much as he did. Extended use of the Sleep transformed him into the Warlock Lord; no face, no body, just a presence wrapped in a hooded cloak without any sense of right or wrong.

Warlock Lord

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